All about COLLABORATIVE PRODUCTION, a new title from UWP

All about COLLABORATIVE PRODUCTION, a new title from UWP

How the impact of collaborative production has played out in creative industries is the topic of the fourth UWP book title. COLLABORATIVE PRODUCTION IN THE CREATIVE INDUSTRIES edited by James Graham of Middlesex University and Alessandro Gandini of Kings College, London picks up the baton from such titles as Production Studies, The Sequel and Be Creative by Angela McRobbie and a variety of other titles discussing digital labour. The book focuses on the sociotechnical and aesthetic dimensions of collaborative creative work that have been somewhat overlooked and was developed out of work instigated by the Promotional Cultures Research Cluster at the University of Middlesex, UK. It looks at particular examples in film, television, publishing, art and social media collection in order to further a critical understanding of the integral role collaboration plays in contemporary media and culture. The book – itself a collaborative production from scholars based in the UK, Canada, Italy, Hong Kong and France is available to read and download for free.

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