Competition! Collaborative Production in the Creative Industries

Competition! Collaborative Production in the Creative Industries

Competition! This week we are offering 2 free print copies of Collaborative Production in the Creative Industries edited by James Graham and Alessandro Gandini. See here or list of contents below.

  1. Introduction: Collaborative Production in the Creative Industries  James Graham (Middlesex University) and Alessandro Gandini (King’s College, London) 2. Collaborating, Competing, Co-working, Coalescing: Artists, Freelancers and Social Entrepreneurs as the ‘New Subjects’ of the Creative Economy Alessandro Gandini (King’s College, London), Carolina Bandinelli (King’s College, London) and Alberto Cossu (University of Milan) 3. Beyond ‘Collaborative Economy’ Discourse: Present, Past and Potential of Digital Intermediation Platforms Jacob T. Matthews (Cemti / Paris 8 University) 4. Collaborative Production and the Transformation of Publishing: The Case of Wattpad Rosamund Davies (University of Greenwich) 5. The Cultural Economy of Auteurship in Independent Publishing: The Symbolic Success of the Photobook Ponte City James Graham (Middlesex University) 6. From the Workshop of J. J. Abrams: Bad Robot, Networked Collaboration, and Promotional Authorship Leora Hadas (University of Nottingham) 7. Elegies to Cinematography: The Digital Workflow, Digital Naturalism and Recent Best Cinematography Oscars Jamie Clarke (Southampton Solent University) 8. Improbable Curators: Analysing Nostalgia, Authorship and Audience on Tumblr Microblogs Dinu Gabriel Munteanu (Bournemouth University) 9. Expertise and Collaboration: Cultural Workers’ Performance on Social Media Karen Patel (Birmingham City University) 10. Girls Rock! Best Practices and Challenges in Collaborative Production at Rock Camp for Girls Miranda Campbell (Ryerson University) 11. Work In The Creative Economy: Living Contradictions Between the Market and Creative Collaboration Ashley Lee Wong (School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong) About the Editors and Contributors Index

Just email em: a.lockett[at] by midnight on Friday 18th August BST the  answer to the question. In book, the social media platform much featured is which: a) tumbr b) tumblr c) tumbler?

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