Media Activism issue – Call for submissions – WPCC

Media Activism issue – Call for submissions – WPCC

Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture has issued a call for abstracts for its first 2019 issue.

In a time of political upheaval with the extreme right on the rise globally, and the techniques of fascism (populism, propaganda and fake news, hate speech and rise of hate crimes) dominating discourse around societal and political issues, what is the potential for progressive activists to use the media to resist? This special issue emphasises the importance of collective action and media visibility (Meikle, 2018; Tilly & Wood, 2013; Melucci, 1996) in generating a change.

The special issue invites the most recent theoretical interventions and empirical research that explains how media activism across the globe opposes the current crises in Western democracies and beyond.

Co-editors: Michaela O’Brien, Assistant Head of School of Media and Communication; Dr Anastasia Denisova, Lecturer in Journalism, Communication and Media Research Institute, University of Westminster

Deadline for abstracts: 21 January 2019.

Full details here at

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