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Big Data: More ethics and social justice on the agenda?

Big Data: More ethics and social justice on the agenda?

Dr Annika Richterich’s new book The Big Data Agenda just published open access by the University of Westminster Press explores the entanglements between big technology corporations and big data research as significant ethical issues are being overlooked in the rush to monetise vast data sets. At once an overview of the emerging field of critical data studies the author considers in detail one big data research area – biomedical studies – drawing on the perspectives of discourse ethics and critical data studies.

The Big Data Agenda is the 6th title in the Critical Digital and Social Media Studies series. In addition to The Big Data Agenda the series (all open access) now consists of (in reverse order of publication) the following titles:

Series Editor: Christian Fuchs

Spectacle 2.0: Reading Debord in the Context of Digital Capitalism
edited by Marco Briziarelli and Emiliana Armano

Capital, State, Empire: The New American Way of Digital Warfare
Scott Timcke

Politicizing the Digital Sphere: Theory the Internet and Renewing Democracy
Trevor Garrison Smith

Knowledge in the Age of Digital Capitalism: An Introduction to Cognitive Materialism
Mariano Zukerfeld

Critical Theory of Communication: New Readings of Lukács, Adorno, Marcuse and Habermas in the Age of the Internet
Christian Fuchs








New Education Title from UWP published

New Education Title from UWP published

Available now as an open access title free to view and download is a book by Westminster Senior Lecturer Paul Breen of interest to anyone concerned with new pedagogical skills and how knowledge with technology may be incorporated in better teaching practice. The author works at the University’s Professional Language Centre

The analysis is presented via the rich histories and observation of a diverse group of teachers engaged in the multiple dimensions of their profession. Drawing on the insights of a variety of educational theories and approaches (including TPACK) Developing Educators for the Digital Age presents a practical framework for capturing knowledge in action of these English language teachers – in their own voices – indicating how such methods, processes and experiences shed light more widely on related contexts within HE and may be transferable to other situations.

Developing Educators for the Digital Age is the University of Westminster Press‘s 8th published book title and its first on Education.

The University of Westminster Press also distributes PDF versions of the History of the University of Westminster series which tells the story series of thematic books tells the story of the University of Westminster and its predecessors beginning with the Polytechnic Institution that opened to the public in 1838.

100,000 Views and Downloads Landmark Reached For UWP

100,000 Views and Downloads Landmark Reached For UWP

In March 2017 – it happened so quickly as a surprise – close to 18 months after our first publication the relaunch of Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture, UWP’s total views and downloads for our publications have surpassed 100,000. Now the total is soaring past 102,000 for our three publications and numerous further books and journal issues are scheduled for 2017.

UWP will release further information later this year about a range of new publications and the great response to them.

Current Questions in Scholarly Communications

Much to debate during this quarter with many events assessing the state of scholarly communications. First up Press Manager Andrew Lockett delivered a presentation as part of Academic Book Week on the topic of ‘Open Access and the Humanities: A Long Revolution?’. The event, a part of Publishers Association Digital Publishing forum, in association with UCL Information Studies and EDITEUR addressed the topic of Selling Digital Affordances to Scholars exploring how humanities researchers could be encouraged to move to open access. At Sussex University the focus shifted to Open Publishing more generally and where the dynamic and increasingly diverse range of scholarly publishing options is moving. Under the microscope at the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers event How to Build a Successful Open Access Books Programme thoughts presented from UWP were on the related the topic of ‘The Micro-Press, the Publishing Network and Collaboration’ on the 22nd of February.

Competition: International Open Access Week

Our first book CRITICAL THEORY OF COMMUNICATION the pioneer title in a series Critical Digital and Social Media Studies edited by the book’s author Professor Christian Fuchs is now out. The book may be downloaded for free here.

For those who prefer print (or print and digital) UWP is running a competition for a free print copy of the book for two winners. To enter just email with the name of the town or city where Karl Marx was born. Winners will be chosen randomly from correct answers after the end of International Open Access week. Entries will be accepted until midnight Western Standard Time on the 30th.